Review Exchange

Please rate the following app 5 stars and a +1 and I will do the same for you!

Please leave a link to your app and the name you have rated it under so I can return the favor! thanks.

Hi , Done rated and reviewed 5 stars , inder YoussefElbarkaoui ,

please , do the same to my game :

I have rated under the name of Ja ck. ty.

I have rated and reviewed at 5 stars and +1 as Daniel Cook.
Please return the favor for 10 Ideas a Day:

I have rated with Very useful thank you.

review plus 5 starts as jesus, this is mine

Ok, done, rated, reviewed, G+ as alanbush3. Please do the same

I have reviewed back under the name of Ja ck. ty.

Rated, reviewed and +1 your app under “Oliver Schmidt”. Please do the same with my app and keep it installed.

Rated and reviewed as Mangirdas Beniusis. Please rate my app:

I have rated your app.

Hi :slight_smile:

Downloaded and rated!!

private message sent.

waiting for your vote.


I gave a g+, 5* and a nice review for your MP3 player (as Rick E.). Good luck with it!

Would you do the same for my game?

(or in case you already have, this is my second game: )

I have rate your app back, thank you.

Hi Given you 5 starts and a great review…
the name is “Prashanth B”
Now you please return me the favor for my app