[Review Exchange] Universal Unit Converter

Hi Everyone,

I am in need of some support from this wonderful community. It seems as though recently (for some unknown reason) someone (or a group of people) have been rating my app anonymously with 1 star and bringing my app down in the rankings.

I would sincerely appreciate some positive reviews to increase my rating score and app ranking once again.

Here is my app, its called Universal Unit Converter: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.creative.mabapps.unitconverter

I would be more than happy to return the favor and review your app in return. Just review my app and leave your information and I will return the review as soon as possible.

Much appreciation in advance for the help. Let’s do this!

2016-10-04 14.01.33.jpg2016-10-04 14.01.52.jpg2016-10-04 14.04.14.jpg2016-10-04 14.02.37.jpg

Unit Converter - UI.jpg

Review and G+ done under the name Andre Brown, please return the favor.


Hi Andre, I have returned the favor.
Thank you very much

Done, by Nick Furia.

Please download and open it first otherwise the review doesn’t count !

Thank you.

Hi Nick, I have returned the favor.
Thank you very much

Ok, I am in need from help from this community once again :frowning: . Check my edited post above

Just sent PM for you. Please check it

Done. PM sent.

I returned the favor, check PM

Thank you, favor returned

Thank you, favor returned

Check your PM sir.

Thank you, favor returned. Check PM

waiting for more exchanges :slight_smile:

waiting for more exchanges :slight_smile:

Unit Converter is an app for convert units…i hope you will like it.

I gave 5 star rate and wrote review by “DPI TIMKEN”.
Please do the same to my apps:



waiting for more exchanges

Anyone else up for a review exchange

Anyone else up for a review exchange