[REVIEW EXCHANGE] ShareFit - Fitness app with workout routine sharing

Hey guys! Review and rate my app and I’ll do the same for yours!

If you feel like using my app I have promo codes for purchasing full version free of charge. Just request a code in comments! :slight_smile:

ShareFit is currently available to download in Europe only.

The perfect app for keeping track of your workout routines inside and outside the gym. Build your routine for easy tracking of workouts, whether your routine consists of simple free weight exercises with static sets or complex exercises with different kinds of special sets.

Friend asked you to create a routine for him to begin exercising? No need to print exercises on paper, premium version of ShareFit features easy sending of routines to other users of the app via Whatsapp and email. ShareFit makes it easy for personal trainers to send routines they have built to their clients. Recipient can import received routine file directly to ShareFit and begin exercising straight away. Receiving and importing routines doesn’t require premium version.

Track your bodyweight daily with ShareFit’s premium version and analyze your progress with bodyweight chart whether your goal is to lose or gain weight.

Premium version includes diet journal for easy tracking of daily calorie intake and other nutritional values. ShareFit builds food database from different foods you input - just input e.g. milk and it’s nutritional information once and the app suggests given information next time.

Sign in with your Google Account to enable automatic backing up to Google Drive. No need to worry about losing months of tracked progress in case your phone breaks or gets lost.

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