Review Exchange seems to be common [Free] IN 5: A new concept browser. (Productivity)

Hi Fellow Developers!

Like many have stated here, many of us indie developers have to help each other out against the big companies with big budgets!
This is my first post so it’s great to see many other developers helping each other out and sharing experiences.

So here’s mine. IN 5 Browser. I wanted to make a productivity tool that integrates to your normal work flow.
It’s an alternative browser (not a replacement) that has a timer in your face and kills your session after so you don’t procrastinate!

Free Version:
Paid Version:

Check it out and maybe some of the pro’s / experienced devs on this forum can give me some pointers?
I’ve been in the game for about a month and a half now and just got to 800 downloads. :slight_smile:
Nowhere near the success I’ve seen from many others here but I’m personally surprised and just want to learn this business and how to improve it.

Now down to business, let me know if you’ve g+'d, 5* / commented the app as well.
Happy to help out other devs too!


Done rate it 5* and g+ed with name “khang nguyen” and my comment “Nice app, it very fast”

Please help my app, thank!

Thanks! Done~

Crisp and juicy! Smooth live wallpaper. Looks great.

Hi itzrew, I have reviewed your free version as Popescu Silviu. Please do the same for:


Hey silviu, I saw it. And did likewise!

“Fun and Addictive Frog must not eat! Addictive Game”
Andrew Sario

Hi there! Just rated your free app 5* and reviewed “Great idea! Its running smooth.”

Heres my app:


Thanks Luk3,

I checked your app out with G+ and 5*
“High Tech! Scanner Looks High Tech on your phone. Good App” - Andrew