[Review Exchange & Rate] [Free] XRace Infinite

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Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sunfremont.hafun.xrun


How to play:

  1. Enter the game, select the game level (general or difficult), and then select one operating mode (flip the machine over or touch screen), you can start the game.
  2. When you want to pause the game, press the “MENU” button.
  3. The top of the game screen displays audio option and global ranking. Right of the game screen displays running mileage and best record.

Game Features:

  • Beautifully graphics and dynamic sound
  • 3D realistic effects, 360-degree viewing angle
  • two operation modes (flip the machine over or touch screen)
  • Game center leaderboards and achievements to compete with friends
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Support phone and tablet


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