[Review Exchange] Quick Strike Math

Will swap G+ and Review (as Danial).



i had review,+1 and rate 5* as “no vou”.
here my app link :
Thanks you.

Done. :slight_smile: - Danial

5*, G+ and reviewed “Awesome This the only way to learn!!”

Please do the same for me, preferable with 4 stars https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ITGSvietnam.The2048


5* R&R G+ under Ray Patrick

Please do the same for me!



I rated your app with 5* and wrote a good review as “daksh bhatt” please do same with mine.

Thank you.

5* g+ and commented Good educational app nice for children
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Reviewed 5* under Vishal Kottarathil
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Done! Rated 5 stars and shared g+1! Reviewed as follows:
“Cool math game!”
(by joker 1 tran)

Please do the same for me Link

Done… +1 and reviewed!

Already done earlier! :slight_smile: Thanks for the app, my son will like it.

Done :slight_smile: +1 and review


I’ve reviewed your app under the name Jean-Philippe Fong and give you a G+.

“Fun and addictive Moreover, you can exercise your brain!”

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Reviewed as Eneko cuadrado “Buen entrenamiento para el cerebro…”

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5*, g+, and reviewed with
Vo Quoc Hao April 15, 2014
nice app! great design, works well and very smooth! love this app

could you please help me with the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.team3zoi.game.taptapring
thank you!

Hi, !
I have just done rate your app to 5* and g+ed with name as “Wael Hesham” and my comment’s"Wow, big collection, it’s so good for my son"

Please help my app, thank!


Done rate it 5* and g+ed with name as “Wael Hesham” and my comment “Nice app, helpful for my kids”

Please help my app, thank!


I have reviewed your app with named Nguyen Xuan Thanh
Can you have a look at mines:

Hi guys, please rate and give a +1, I’ll try to do the same within 24 hours for your app.

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I will be returning the favour for reviews and +1. :slight_smile: