(review exchange) Mysterious Cave new game on store

Have a fun with this new game and leave feedback

It is game for test your Promptitude and have some fun and waste your time if you are felling boring and need some fun
Each level up it is will be more difficult

Rate 4.0

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Rated 4 star review under youssefbarkaoui , plz do the same to my game ( 5 star review ) :


DONE rated 4 stars with name issac nabil thanks and go on for better always

Downloaded and rated!! :slight_smile: private message sent with link of my app.

Now waiting for your vote!!

done and rated too thanks pedroarnau and detail i sent it via private message

Done, played and rating!!! Please rate mine!

can u please gave me your app link to rate u too ???



thanks squabbles21 done i rate it

Hi, I’m Nick Furia, I download and review your app (4 Stars), please:


Thank you.

done i rate it and download with 5 star with issac name


I reviewed your app under: Andre Brown, please return the favor…


Thank You

done i rate your game with 4 stars with name issac thanks

thanks for all and still need more

waiting for more exchange rating thanks

Ok I rated your game 4 stars and gave a review as FunstuffDude

can you do the same with mine


Managed to reach level 9 and rated your game 4 stars as wuhuapps.

Appreciate it if you can rate my game :

Thanks in advance!

( Small note, I could not see the ads, using LG Nexus 5 )

hey Pixelpower

sorry for late done i rate it with 4 stars with name Issac nabil and thanks alot

hello wuhuapps
sorry for late i rated your app with 4 stars with name Issac Nabil
and i played your game it is really nice game i love it i think i will not uninstall it

and i need to know what type of ads not apeear to you i don’t have banner ads i just have 1 interstitial ad is that appear to you and thanks alot

Done under elhaloui abdelaaziz …Please rate 5*, review and g+