Review Exchange lalala O(∩_∩)O~ Increase to 100000 downloads

:stuck_out_tongue: I have just published a new version for my app ,Rate, review, and G+ my app
and put your app URL in the comments. I’ll download and review it!!

I’ll test it with my mobile gp account


Go ahead for me as well,

"very cute - and classic ". - muffin

Done under My name " Prachi " , do same with G+, 5* and good comments :
I have more apps if wants more exchanges , do my app from your 1 id and i will do your app from different different devices with id ! … if interested must message me in my inbox !

Done under name of “pollen chakma” with 5* and G+ also.
Here my link

Done under the name of sibichakravarthy .please rate my app.

… … …

Done Under name of Mostafa Ashraf .now do it for this app

OK and tks

ok,I’ll do it thanks

ok thanks

HI I have rated, reviewed and G+ the app

did it as “xiaocai3141”
Very nice game The graphic is awesome and the game is full of fun. I cannot put it away.

Please help out my app:

I have rated, reviewed and G+ the app:)

rated, and g+
name: e Quality

please do the same for me:

Rated, Reviewed, G+ as Juvas Cheev. Also launched your app (This affects search positions). Please do the same

Done, I rate 5*, review “I love it. Great game”, g, + by Mai Văn Hải

Please do with my app:


Done, rated, reviewed, G+ as alanbush2. Please do the same

Downloaded, rated 5*, commented and G+. Please do the same for me. Thanks.


Please check under name: Michael Dante.

nick Vahe Muradyan commented cool
Please do the same