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[Review Exchange] Kill Code - Free Online Shooter


Hi there, I will release my free online game [Kill Code] march 2016. It is a toon/sci-fi themed arena top down shooter. The game is more or less casual and easy to learn, just hit play, and you are in a game. In spite of that, it is very skill based. And I made sure, that good players will be owning the arena. I didn’t find a similar game in the Play Store, most Online games are very slow or have wierd controls imo, but this one is a fast game with intuitive and elegant controls.

The gameplay consists of running around the map while shooting people, and gathering weapons or heal powerups. It also has many unique characters to choose from, each one with a special skill. The player with the most kills wins the game. Oh, and you can dismember your enemies :smiley:

Get it here for free:

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Here is my review JumblyApps

Done as Oliver Schmidt. Please do the same.

Cool, thank you :slight_smile:

Done as Oliver Schmidt. Please do the same.

Done as e Quality.

Done with the name Myles Valenzuela . Pls rate me 5* :

sry, this app does not exist.

Hi eQuality,

5 stars and +1 - Pablo Serra
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