[Review Exchange] Jelly getAway logic brain puzzle

He Guys, let’s exchange some reviews ! Do a 5 star and G+ and leave it at least 48h installed, otherwise Google will delete it because of spam ! Post a screenshot and your Applink and I will do the same :wink:



Thx ,)

Nobody ? :frowning:

Google says that it’s not compatible with either of my devices (Samsung Tab 4 and Hudl2)!

done as cristoforos paidas

Also opened it, played for a while and I don t uninstall it for at least 1 week. Also G+

Please also do my app.



Done the Same for your App…under Spotted Müller :wink:

Your review removed. Probably because you uninstalled game or never opened it. Please make it again and keep the game for at least 1 week or else this thing doesn t work !!!

But just wait some days…I recognized , that sometimes reviews appear again after some days…