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[Review Exchange] Impossible ball maze


Impossible ball maze is a game for skilled gamers.

I would appreciate if you try out my new game.

Give it 5 stars and G+1 and I’ll do the same to your app :o

Happy New Year!

5 star review and g+ given as Nik Merlino. Please do the same with my app!

Done! Happy new year! :slight_smile:

ps. Impossible ball maze will have better art work and level design in few days but now I’ll go and celebrate new year.


5 star review (in Spanish) and g+ given as Luis Vázquez. Please do the same with my app!

Post images and video tutorial related to it to gain more replies.

Done as jonttum91. Thank you.

Do you mean a tutorial how to play the game? Is it necessary? It’s so simple to play. :slight_smile:

Have installed and 5 star review and g+ given as xiaolin wu. Please do the same with my app!

I appreciate it, thank you. I did the same with your app as jonttum91.

The game is quite amazing and it is really impossible to play.

My review is here - JumblyApps

Glad to hear that! I hope that it’s not way to hard. It really took me hours to complete the game myself.

Thank you for the review. Any tips to get a better mark? :slight_smile:

Nice game man. I reviewed it Ashutosh Sharma plz do the same

Thank you! I do the same to your game as Jonttum91.

I am playing it in a small screen mobile, may be it would take time to for me to catch up.

Why don’t you use smoothreviews or appreviewdesk to get hundreds of genuine reviews . We are using it . It is easy and high volume .

I’ll try the smoothreviews first. :slight_smile: Thank you for the tips.

Appreviewdesk is better in my experience . Smoothreviews is bit slow in getting reviews

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