Shoot your hamsters in the air or catch your hamsters with a cart.

Shoot: The hamsters are hungry and your mission is to feed them with cheese and peanut. Shoot your hamster and try not to miss your food because time is running out.
How to play: Touch the screen with your finger and move it around, release your finger to shoot your hamster from the lower right corner. The bar at bottom indicate how much power your shot will have.

Catch: The hamsters are falling from the sky and you need to catch them. Careful not to catch poison.
How to play: Touching Left side of screen will move you to the left. Touching right side of screen will move you to the right.

Have fun and enjoy the game. There will be many updates on the way to improve players experience.

download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.companyname.hamsterfly

You can also give me some ideas for the game.

rated 5* and G+ at play store by name Code Goblin please do the same to mine


Hey nufseid - thank you for sharing and congrats on your app, the game is a lot of fun! I wanted to share, it would be great if there were different game-types beyond the one current option. Maybe just different levels such as easy, medium, hard. I was thinking also about a level in which obstacles get in your way…or a ‘bonus’ round that might load occasionally with different goals for the gamer.

Thank you! I did the same to your app as jonttum91.

Hello adscendmichael,

Thank you for the feedback! You have great ideas about the game. I could do different game-types but don’t know what they would be. :slight_smile:

My review is here JumblyApps

Thank you for your review. I will update the game end of this week with one more gamemode. :slight_smile:

I’ve reviewed your app.
Please review mine:**


Thank you! I gave your app 5 stars and G+ as jonttum91.

Hi, reviewed and installed your app. Farhan Esa

kindly review my apps :wink: Tq


Hi, Thank you! I will do the same to your app and remember to give G+ :slight_smile:

5 stars, G+1 and review by Beppi Menozzi, please do the same in exchange for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.beppi.spacerings
Many thanks :slight_smile:

I just left feedback as “Gurinder Singh”.

Please leave positive review with 5 star rating for my app as well: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gurisingh.smarttimesheet

Thank you, but I can’t give you two reviews for your app. I only have one account and I gave you an review as jonttum91 as a favour for rating my “Stack Your Tower” game. Do you have another app I can review?

Yes, got one more app. Please rate this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gurisingh.bollywoodcharades&hl=en_GB

Done as jonttum91. Thanks

Reviewed as Dk vishnu pls do the same for my game


I rated your game 5 stars as jonttum91. Nice game you have there. I noticed one little bug on my 10" tablet. The right side of the screen goes black for a second and it repeats every 2-3 seconds. Other wise it’s a good game :slight_smile:

Thanks alot yup It is with resolution present it cannot support some resolutions :frowning: will update it soon…

Hi dude,

I cannot see your review , could you pls confirm Review is updated from your side or any network issues…