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hello guys review my app with 5* & Don’t forget G+
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Hey, done as Mangirdas Beniusis. Please rate my app:

done as Diaa Asha

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DOne under Prachi… please do same with G+ and 5* : .

link not opening for me

Done, name: Gökhan Oğuz

Here is my app:

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Done, rated, reviewed, G+ as alanbush3. Please do the same

Done All As Diaa Asha , thanks!

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I can’t see your review… i did to your app anyway as Diaa Asha


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by Devandro Abysatia

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I have rated, reviewed and G+ your application. I have written a detailed review and I will keep your app installed for 1 month.
Please review my app. If you can, use “music player” in review. . Please do not copy paste my description in the review. Please keep my app installed for one month. The link to my application is

Rate 5* and G+
Done with Duy Võ
pls do the same with my game
Thank you