[REVIEW EXCHANGE][FREE GAME] Adventure of Monsters

Hey guys i’ve just made my “not really” first game, made others before but was never happy of the way they turned out.
But this is my first game that is somewhat worth publishing I guess :smiley:

The game is really simple to play, it has the same controls as “Timberman”, you just have to tap on the left/right side of the screen to move and collect coins
with which you buy new content(monsters and maps).

I hope you guys will enjoy it and would appreciate if you gave me some feedback on it, will do the same for your game, and i dare you to beat by Highscore of 207, or my girlfriends 321 -.- (I know i should be ashamed of myself :/).


Some Screenshoots:

I just reviewed your app under the alias of cpt.
please do the same here :

Thx for the review, I just returned the favour and reviewed it as Žiga Pustoslemšek

I just review your game with the name André Faria! :slight_smile:

Please do the same to mine:

Thx for the review, i’ve done the same under the name Žiga Pustoslemšek