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Challenging Game, Floppy Bee!
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Done with comment “Love it. It’s a good Flappy Bird alternative”

Please help me to review this app:


Hi, I have reviewed your app.
My comment: “Great! Very fun game!”

please rate mine too “One Square”:

it’s a fast pace block dodging game. Thanks

Hi, I have reviewed your app.
My comment: “Super fun game!”

please rate mine too

thanks, done the same on your app.

Great, revied your game too.

great, i’ved than the same thing on your game.

g+ 5* comment( Nicely done! well done game with awesome graphics)
heres mine, thanks

Rated your app as well. Thanks!

Done with the review. Look up for Popescu Silviu. Also gave a g+1.

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I 5 rated and g+1 your game.

My review
"I love this bee great game, it works really well on my phone and is fun to play "
my user name: Gonzalo Diaz

my app for you to rate:

thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks, rated your game too.

Great, rated your game too. Thanks

I just rated your app: “Very fun game, good graphic !!!.” - Tho Huynh, please rate my app is


Thanks, Rated your game too.

App rated. I wrote “Wonderful. Fun and entertaining. Awesome game.”

Here is mine,

I have reviewed your app and G+, 5*.

My comment: “Very nice game! Thanks for it”

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Done: “Nice game, I like the graphics and the speed of the scene which is not too fast, this allows me to pass through those obstacles!”
My link:

Great, Rated your app too! Thanks

Hello, Done rating your app too. Thanks!