[Review Exchange] Best Urdu English Dictionary [Free App]

English is our official language but the issue arises when we need to learn it in our local language Urdu but couldn’t find an easy tool. Quran is our major asset and we need to learn in order to understand the revelations by Allah Almighty. We are living in an IT world and since the evolution there are number of Applications available for cell phones which provides and acts as tutor to let the user learn the basic language. Number of Apps asks user to download and learn English in Urdu within 30 days but in the end they do not deliver what they have promised. There is one simple iTunes App which is unique in features and helps you to learn English in almost a week.

Unique features include:
[li]Learn vocabulary with Urdu English Thesaurus
[/li][li]Audio offline Dictionary
[/li][li]Words with meanings and pronunciation
[/li][li]Daily basis conversation full list
[/li][li]English Grammar in Urdu

Download this useful App and be an English expert within no time. Give your feedback in comments!

Download from play store from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobiletin.dictionary