[review exchange] [2.5 mb fun game] alien peace wars

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My review here JumblyApps

Hi I have sent PM for you. Please check it. Thanks.

Installed, and reviewed on play store as Luis Vázquez. Also G+ and comment.
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I did it. Your app is really awesome. Well done!

Done 5 stars and G+

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Surprisingly fun for the simplicity in it. I guess southpark memories make me laugh every time I see those aliens.

I did review it by my name Ashutosh. Really nice app. Well done!

Sorry, but it says item not found.

Nevermind I found and rated it. Great game!

Thnx!! for the feedback!!. Your game is simple but I found myself playing it for a little while. Def fun.

Guys after the update the new size is 4mb. Sorry but I’m not able to change the title of thread.

Hi everyone!

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App Name: Auto Date and Time Stamp on Photo
Publisher: ebizzinfotech
My Rating: 5/5

Manual On/Off Functionality
Use of Default Camera
Adjustable Stamp Format
Varieties in Font Format
Stamp position where you want
Manual Selection of Stamp Color


Final Verdict: Overall this application is very useful and this app is help you to Set Date and Time Stamp on the Photos

through “DEFAULT CAMERA”. this app is come with full satisfaction.

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App Info : Shopping & Offers in Saudi Arabia

Been there done that with name Ashutosh Sharma. All the best for your app :smiley:

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please keep it at least 1 week, will do your as well

Did it with Ashutosh Sharma. I’ll surely keep your app. Nice app BTW