Review and rating your app

I will review your app in this thread and I will give you stars on the play store. You just need to leave the link to your app and wait a few hours. I will test them in an android mobile after you rating and leave comment to let me know.

If you have many apps. please post on this thread. i will rating. “One exchange one”. Thank you very much. We help each other.
Sorry for my bad english

Just rated your app (Cool Cars Wallpapers HD): “Great wallpapers, lots of beautiful images!”

Here is my game:


i’ve just rating 5 stars and review : “Excellent game…i love it please update more. Best game i played”
If you want i rating and review another, please tell me.
Thank you very much

Done: Well done! Amazing wallpapers They look great on my phone and tablet.

Link to my app:

i’ve rate your app 5 stars :“yeah very good game for me”.
Thank you very much!!!
If you want rating your another app, please let me know

I rate you 2 apps with 5 stars, and g+ both of them. (Yayo, Nice wallpapers i love them)
this are my 2 apps

I’ve rating and review both of them :“yeah yeah, very good game”
If you have another apps, please let me know