Review and G+ Exchange for Clumsy Monkey | Free Game


I’m having this app:
Would like to have an review and G+ exchange with you guys.

Just send me your app’s link and I’ll do the same :wink:


Done. +1 and rated. I wrote:

Great Game Love Clumsy Monkey

Here is mine in return


Hi, I rated for you " good, great game". Please do the same for my app:
thank you

done, install, rating 5, and my review:
“Great Love how the monkey going up, fresh alternative to the trend…good job”

please do the same with mine:


Review and G+ done!
My Favourite! I can create my favorite cocktail now! Great app!


Review done!
Nice! Great wallpaper!
Beautiful! I can change my wallpaper now!
Nice horses! It’s so cool!!! Love it!

It would be great if you can give me 2 more reviews with difference accounts since I gave you 3 in total :wink:



Review done!
An App a football fan must have! I just love this!!! It’s not so easy though, you’ll need some skills!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m still looking for more reviews exchange! :slight_smile:

thank you very much, good luck

Hi, I rated for you with other account under name “Vu Thi Thuy Ninh” “the best game 5 star”. I will rate for you and I hope we will develop together. Thank


I just rated clumsy monkey 5*! It really is a good game, well done!

If you get a chance please review mine

Done, I gave 5 star, G+ and comment “Wonderfull Good games, I like the cute monkey”.
My app is:

I’m still looking for more reviews exchange! :slight_smile:

I’ve rated it, this is my comment: “Fun fun fun! Very nice little game. I love it!”

Please check and rate my app -



“Very fun, I can’t stop”

nice one! here is mine :

good luck!

5* g+ and commented Wow! Supernice game
btw it actually is :smiley:
heres mine thanks

5* and g+1
“great app nicely done”

I just G+ and rated 5* with review “I like your design.”. Please review my game:

Xuquang, pls stop posting and lying till you fullfil what you promise in your previous thread!

G+ and 5* from Eric Frechette.
My game: