Revenue Report #3 March 2012


here is my Revenue Report for March.

Conclusion: Better than nothing

Thanks for sharing.

I like your conclusion. That is about how I feel. Making a little money but not as much as I would like.

Actually a eCPM of around $1 is amazing!

Depends. I do show full screen ads and no banner ads in my games/apps. So you can not compare the eCPM with banner eCPM. AND: I had over $3 in January…so compared with that my current eCMP makes my cry :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I do banners only, and get around $0.10 eCPM. :frowning:

Many users here show their admob CPM and the range is something between $0.10 (or less?) and $1. There other threads where they try to find out what is affecting the CPM. In the end there is always the same conclusion: No one has just a clue, how admob calculates the money you get.

Bandler, you said on your blog you dropped off the “NEW” list. What new list? They removed that from Google Play ages ago. Is there some secret new list I don’t know about?

I released a free game 3 weeks ago and have gotten 180 downloads total. :frowning: I posted on every forum I could find, submitted it to Amazon and slideme, I don’t know what else to do. Except move on.

I’ve made $15.74 in ad revenue using Admob so far and most of that came from my inlaws in one drunken night where they were showing all their friends the game their son-in-law made.

Sure there are NEW lists…acctually there is a NEW list for each category. They have only changed the handling. So “NEW” means added less than 30 days ago. You can not push your app into the list with an update. And, I guess that is the biggest problem, they only list the TOP 500. So you need some attraction BEFORE you get into the new lists.

If I recall right, these new lists can only be seen on mobile devices…

By the way: the lists are sorted differently in each country…