Revenue per user/download

Hi, recently somebody asked me what was my revenue per user, well I didn’t know. After doing my simple math it was about 2 cents (euro) per user. I believe this sucks!

How can I improve:

  • Better monetization
  • Increase user time spent
  • Increase active users
  • ???

What’s your revenue per user?

If only there was a huge forum with such info already provided in thousands of threads… My dreams

3.3 euro cents here

Depending on the game, from $0.005 to $0.090

I’m a bit curious.
Does wallpaper app really able to generate revenue?
Do you use interstitial ad or only banner ad?
How much revenue are you getting from 1 wallpaper app?

6 USD cents per download

And if you have a ridiculously addictive game that uses banners only, it could be $0.1-$0.2 lifetime revenue per download.

1 $ per user LTV

per user or per download?

what genre of game is this?

i am at $0.06 per download across my entire portfolio

@toxic, yes
sport management game (so its mid-hard core)

Do you mind sharing the link to your game? How many downloads does the game have?

I have around 0.20$ per download on a quiz game, and around 0.05$ par active user par day (only 350 DAU sadly :p).

Those are excellent numbers, how do you monetize the game?

Mostly intersticials (with a good CTR for some reason… :D) and a (tiny) bit of donations.

no, sry.
around 100 k, but only 1 k DAU

So Matthros u made $ 100K from that game already?
Or is it that u will get it in an year or lifetime

no, around 50 k, you can calculate LTV with ARPDAU * average lifetime of a player