Revenue Marbleution


Here are some data about the first month of my game Marbleution.

I use Greystripe as an ad provider at the moment. They prefere to deliver full screen ads. In the following table you can see the result for January:

Impressions 9,226
Revenue $33.14
eCPM $3.59

Over 33 Dollars in the first month is not to bad. Or to say it the other way round: I had expected less! An average CPM of 3.59 Dollars is also pretty decent.

I have started a blog where I will post upcoming reports: Revenue Blog


Awesome, I have a few Greystripe enabled apps too, and their revenue from fullscreen ads is pretty good I’d say…


That’s crazy! Very nice! Please tell me that you aren’t generating that kind of revenue on just the few hundred downloads you have from the Android Market. Where are all your users coming from?

Surely not :wink:
I have also written about alternative app stores in my blog.

In short: 18000 downloads from SlideMe…

That’s a great eCPM figure from Greystripe. What sort of fill rate are you seeing?

And how many clicks did you get for the 33.14 dollars?

Greystripe does not show the fill rate.

The click through rate is actually around 20%.

Hm, I’ve used GreyStripe for the last couple of weeks, but felt that the variety of the ads were not satisfactory, because only 3 different ads were showed (seemed so), and little revenue. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Anyway, my report for January is here if interested:

I guess you are using Greystripe Banners…they really prefere the full screen ads.

No, I’m actually using the Full screen ads. So that’s strange yeah…

Strange…Eigther you game is not taken into account for better paid campaigns or your audience is not in the US, because they mostly have advertisers from the states.

eCPM is varying much. Currently I have a much lower rate as well (ca. 2 Dollars)

Yes, you are right about the target audience. I shipped an e-mail to Greystripe, and they confirmed this. I overlooked the fact that most of my users are not in US :expressionless:

Actually wrote a post about that earlier today:

Normally I’d recommend Madvertise for European traffic. But so far this year I haven’t been getting a great fill rate from them, so maybe wait another month or so for some more advertisers to launch campaigns.

Thanks for the tip, I think I’ll add Madvertise WITH a fallback option…