Revenue (Ecpm) from admob are down by 50% in January 2016

Anyone with same issue?

Its very usual in the starting of every quarter. Wait untill march. It will go high in every network.

Same here, FAN also dropped 50% for me.

Admob is always strong in Q1 for me the past couple years. It mainly depends on your traffic type.

It’s quite common for every networks drop in revenue for end of financial years…financial years starts from March…so you can see increase in revenue from March…:slight_smile:

Same here, it seems that last days of january are the lowest of the year.

same me tooooooo

Yeah January is lowest for me.

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Still falling for us…since November, impressions up RPM down…funny graphs though:) Mediating other networks now shall see what will happen …

Same here, seeing 50% lower earnings.

yes, since the end of January and even the start of February it is 50% down… I hope it will come back to normal soon :slight_smile:
Start of February is a bit scary for now !

yeah i thought in feb it will be ok ,but so far revenue continues decreasing , if it continue decreasing till end of the feb i will switch to other network for sure

Every network will be down untill april.
So there is no point in changing the network.
I must say wait untill april. It happens every year.
If you accept december revenue. Be ready for first 3-4 months of the year.
Its not new.

Same here and for feb an ever bigger drop on eCPM.

Same here, worst drop ever. I don’t agree with people saying it is the same every year, I did not get a drop like that in 2014 or 2015, this year is a real nightmare and I hope it will be back to normal one day…

February is worse though!

Same for me, lowest RPM and still going down. Just started mediating.

Better results with mediation?

Yes ! I’m using Appodeal and I have quite good results, the drop has been reduced quite well by mediation mainly with Facebook ads…
If you think about registering with Appodeal please use my signature link below guys :wink: