Retirement maybe? Tell your story!

Did anybody quit there job after making a certain amount a month?
If so, what was that lucky number?
Are you somebody waiting to make a certain amount a month to retire. If so, what would be your lucky number?

For me, last month was my biggest month. $4k+
Steady around $2k any other month but I’m still working. Not sure what I’m waiting for, I’m just worried it won’t last forever. Maybe when I get a certain amount saved I will feel comfortable enough to relax.

What’s your story?

$3k/month would be a nice round number that would cover my living expenses, with the perspective of growing it to a much larger sum once I’m free from the day job.

That said, if I keep working at my day job, I’ll be financially independent ($1 million in assets) in about 7 years, all factors staying the same. The question is, can I stand another 7 years chained to a desk.

My target is $6K by March end. Currently hitting $3K. Wish me luck.
It will be helpful to quit my day job at Cisco and sort out my personal issues.

And regarding the fear that it may not last forever. You shouldn’t care much about it. There are whole lot of online businesses like Kindle books, Websites, Android, ios, freelancing on elance/odesk, Youtube marketing.

All the best to you.

Those are some nice numbers. Don’t forget about the tax man. He takes a chunk of earnings when the times due. Paying quarterly seems to be a little easier on my heart :-).
I think once I get enough saved up. Maybe 10k in the bank, no debt. No car note, no loans. Except for like a house mortgage. I can relax a little. Just want to keep myself covered. Just incase something happens. I got a cushion to land on :slight_smile:

When I started working on Android apps I already was out of job - I started freelancing instead of looking for another job because I hate office work. Now I have just cut ties with my last client who was not paying me on time anyway, because revenue from my apps is more than enough. I also have to slow down more because I stress too much and concentrate on new apps instead of updating old ones (because they lose users anyway). It’s a much better life than sitting in an office 8 hours a day doing what your boss tells you to do, pretending to work when you have enough and spending hours per day commuting to work.

Clients like that makes it rough on devs. I pay as soon as work is finished. I treat people the way I want to be treated.
I do the same with my apps. I’m doing well enough to quit but I’m still working full time. My next move is to try part time and if that goes ok. Then go without a job. Having health insurance and etc is a big thing for me with a kid. Got to find private insurance. Got to figure out what needs to be put aside for taxes, so the man don’t get me.
Being home Full time is a nice thought. I’m working my way up to it still

I would love to quit my day job, at least for a while to give app making a chance. But it’s hard and I’m in the same situation as many of you. Full time job, kids, other obligations etc. At best you have a couple of hours each night when you can code. But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last year and now I’m finally just 2-3 weeks away from releasing my first game. I know that this one is not going to fix my retirement but you must start somewhere. :smiley:

So, to the numbers. The taxes for a one man company in the country I live in are about 60%(!). So the math for me to break even with my day job is about $8K/month… And even if I started making eight thousand dollars right away with this game I wouldn’t quit my job. I’d rather pile up the money and wait until the pile was like $50K high and then ask my boss if I could get a leave of absence for six month to code my ass off.

So there you have it, $50K to semi quit my job :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been “without a job” since high school. There are risk takers and there is the rest.

I thought $3k/month was good but when I got there, I thought I needed more, got to $10k, needed even more. Project were longer, budgets got bigger, bills got higher, so needed more.

you always want more.

mo money, mo problems.

60% taxes? :open_mouth: In what country you live so we could avoid it? :smiley:

And it’s true, when you start making money with app you think that making $50 per day is kinda of a dream. Once you reach it you’re happy, but still you think that $100 per day will make you the happiest on earth. And this goes on and on searching for new limits and numbers))

Nice… never had that luxury. Always had a lot on my plate. No fall back plan. It’s all or nothing on me. So for me to be the main provider. It’s kind of hard for me to just go ok. I don’t have to work anymore. But your right. Every time I hit a new milestone number I like. I keep saying it’s not enough.
I’m saving now for a number that’ll make me feel comfortable. At this rate. I might never stop working. When I leave. I just want to make sure I never have to go back.

Avoid Sweden then :slight_smile:
No, it’s a great country. And if I would start making apps for real I’d start a limited company and then you can make som better tax planning.

60% that’s outrageous. Everybody in Sweden should be avoiding Sweden.

For that taxes you get to live in a country with one of the best life quality. Norway is higher, but only a little I think. :slight_smile:

Oh, Sweden is really cool because of their democracy quality and the beautiful girls)) After all, a successful country is created mostly on taxes, so there is a good reason why they charge 60% if you haven’t started a company yet.

Good luck in the Android business, make your country proud(and rich :smiley: ) !

I don’t make any money yet however i work as developer and passionate in it. My first app is about to be ready. It’s rather simple and i don’t expect much revenue to be honest. When I read such ammount of money you guys make per day I am motivated even more:) 1000$/month would be more than in my current job in company. I think I will never go retirement because of “ok that’s enough” :slight_smile: The more we have the more we want right?


really doing good. in which category yourapps/games fall.
it may give some help to newcomers like ne.

I am working from 2 months ago.I am working with partnership with someone in a computer center as a online worker. I earn little bit more but note more than my expectation. Hope I will earn more in a few days.