Restoring Play Developer Account


On 14th October Google suspended my entire Play Developer account which had 13 apps and had been up for over 2 years. I had spent alot of time and money marketing this account and was getting a good rate of daily installs. This happened without any warning messages and was not given a chance to make any changes to the app they removed, which caused the account suspension. 7 days after my initial I have not heard form them. Application to have the app restored for modification was rejected even after explaining myself.

I am asking for your help to try and get my developer account back.

Please goto this website and follow the instructions there. It wont take more than 5 minutes of your time helpraf

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Riaz, Raf Systems, UK.

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Move on. Since they have rejected your appeal you are done and good, there is zero chance your account will be reinstated. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

What did you have to modify ? What was wrong with your apps ?

I hate to say it but Google is relentless when It comes to banning accounts. Their appeal process is automated so no human eyes will review your account.

Once they deny your appeal that is it. My advice is to upload your apps to 3rd party markets so your users can still look you up.

So far the guys I asked on this forum why they got banned turned up to be naked Kim Kardashian pictures in their apps. So there is a two sides to every coin.

What was the reason listed in your suspension notice?

Not me, usually guys that make this “I got banned” threads on this forum. The reason always turns out to be a Justin Bieber photo or a naked Kardashian.

Why done and good? Can you not be permitted back in once you are removal?

Not agter they reject the appeal (which they do almosg 100% of the time). The OP is strangely misterious about reasons of removal so I suspect it was justified.

I am asking for your help to try and get my developer account back.

Have you signed the petition?

Well, I guess what better for you would be moving on because I don’t think that you are going to get it back now as your application have been rejected already means the chances of getting it back is low !

yes i have

read the link on the first post again, you will see the reasons for suspension, its not mysterious, its just wrong and injust. Their policys apply for RELEASED apps, my app was never released, thats why its just wrong. Also i can swear on whatever that my game was not meant to impersonate any other game, it was original and did not copy or clone anything else.

I had only used “Angry Birds” in the description to describe my game, which isnt wrong, there are already over 20 apps i found in simple search that have “Angry Birds” in the title or description.

What was in the name of the app after the word Like - if that was Tetris, then don’t act surprised. Google has bots that an for using trademarks in app name.

Thats not true i seen over 20 games with official well known trademarks in the the title and description.

Those are still there.

Also breach of IP applies to PUBLISHED apps, mine was not published to Play.

Also copyright claims can only be made by the owner of the respective copyrights.

please sign my online petition
Petition Reinstate Google Play Developer Account Wrongfully Suspended

I assume you mean either Petition · Respect Small Business and stop using automation to fire developers · (my petition) or Petition · Respect the efforts of small and indie Android Developers. · ?

I’m working on improving community support of my petition and finding ways to pressure Google to make a change. Unfortunately, some of that stuff takes time since I still have to work and pay bills and whatnot.

Also, from my research about half of suspensions involve completely valid policy violations and the other half are kind of ridiculous. Even if OP SHOULD have been suspended, I doubt Google treated OP like a person.

1, Try to open new account (not your info), modified graphics, keystore then re upload.
Avoid use trademark word again in title/description.
2, Move to Apple appstore, they never terminated your account before give you a reason and time to fix that

for those people that have had accounts suspended, or apps suspended. If those apps are reuploaded on new accounts, are those apps suspended again? What if you apps had no policy issues for example and had previoulsy been on you account active.

If you Got banned then there is not any alternative way to get back your accounts with your application on Google play store instead of this you have to create new verified account and publish bug free and don’t use prohibited ads in your app. In this way you can survive more time on Google play easily and don’t go banned.