Reskin apps


If I buy source codes from popular websites… And I reskin them, can I earn money from them or is it a waste of money and time?

It’s most likely waste of time, waste of account reputation and waste of money as there are too many copies of same game already on app store, you’d need to modify it too much to change it so it doesn’t get classified as spam. Most people nowadays don’t even bother to reskin or change something in the game and Google just marks them as spam. and 9/10 games won’t even make the invested money within a year. But there is a slight chance that it might work and somehow if you improve bought asset, you might make some profit but I wouldn’t waste time on that if you are taking app business seriously

Thanks a lot, but my problem is that I don’t know anything about coding, that’s why I was thinking about purchasing some source codes and reskinning then, I think I will give it a try and see what will happen, I am gonna buy some cheap ones that doesn’t require any coding lol