Reporting faceless 1-star voters :/

Is there a way to get rid of 1-star ratings? (I always ask the users what they would like to change and make sure to do it, but this rarely helps)

My app gets daily 1-star votes without any reviews. Just the 1-star rating. I have about 75 1-star ratings and only 11 reviews that gave 1 stars (In comparison, I’ve got about 1000 5-star ratings and over 950 reviews giving 5-stars):mad:
It’s driven my app from 4 months of 4.8 rating to 4.5 in barely a month.

I’m damn sure some other competitor is doing this. Can I report this somewhere?
Any other way deal with it? Even the dev console gives absolutely no information as to who or what device is giving these faceless 1-stars.

Here is the thread about it: - in short: it’s all Google’s fault. :slight_smile:

yup. I started spamming my loyal users to give me a rating after google introduced that “feature” in december, overall rating seems to be slowly climbing up.

I’ve started spamming google support to remove that feature.
My rating goes down everyday by 0.01 and I don’t want the users to see a freaking pop-up demanding them to rate the app… :confused:

I’m more than willing to change the app according to the request of even a single user, but I’m not even being told what the hell is the problem.

I can’t find anywhere to report reviews, which spread false accusations. I could be a competitor doing, like Xeus said. The only option is to flag reviews as spam. Is there no other option?

Flagging as spam does nothing but move it down a little. It’s still there.
I don’t know what the hell made them implement that stupid rating widget.

I reckon users expect that if they rate some app poorly, then they will be shown even better suggestions.
If they are, or are not, they simply forget about the rating because, well, who cares?

Every single app’s rating is going down, it’s been months and they are simply ignoring it?
Their ‘grand scheme’, if any, seems to be out of my comprehension.

I see, flagging them as spam is not of much use then. I also think the “ask the users to rank an existing installed app” feature should be removed. So there is no way of reporting reviews, which spread false or inappropriate information or spam?

Yes, there’s absolutely nothing we can do. This is such a major flaw in the whole app review system and nothing at all is being done.
Google being as big as it is, you’d think they’d at least take care of painfully obvious flaws like this…

Guys, also take care if you are targeting Turkish users - as many of them are giving 1 star comments just to get their comments seen - read more about it here - Awful app-review trend among Turkish users: This is why your app gets so many one star reviews!

Also I have seen this happening on my app from Brazil - they give 1 star and they say they will update the review but they always forget :frowning:

I agree, this is serious because competitors could spread false rumors about a competing company with false reviews,
they could for instance claim that the apps have viruses. There should be some way of reporting false reviews and the fake Turkish 1 stars.
I am glad that my company don’t have much traffic from Turkey.