Report of my efforts

I’ve just made a blogpost on my efforts with my game:

Not yet positive, but maybe it’ll improve :).
Thanks for all the support by the member of this forum so far!

Over 120k impressions in one day? That’s a fine number zet. I would have to sell my liver to get that kind of impressions… which currently are about 170, without the ‘k’ :confused:

That’s the impressions I am paying for :wink:

Oh, I see :slight_smile: Hmm So what I understand is that there was 270k impressions in which 1k clicks occurred and in result you’ve seen 40 users raise? There is definitely something wrong with this equation, as the increase in users is simply too small

Hm, yeah strange numbers! I know this is disappointing, but I think you have good app must be other things.

I would suggest that you maybe use more keywords in the description. Also how would anyone find the app? Is that app name “seo” friendly in the market ? Just thinking loud…

Interesting to see those results from AdMob. Perhaps you could target your campaign in future to a particular geographic region? If your US traffic is converting better, maybe it’s best to focus on that area. From my experience using AdMob house ads, they do have some facilities for geo-targeting. So you wouldn’t have to do it by pausing & resuming the campaign. :slight_smile:

I agree with you about the free app vs. paid concept that you mentioned in the blog post. I’ve released most of my apps for free, because I figured it’s better to get the users (and analytics data) first, and then look at monetizing slowly over time. Better than betting everything on a paid app, and then struggling to get any users at all.

Zet any updates on your ad campaign results?

Yes, I have some more data now and I experienced some serious improvements. I intend to write a full report at the start of February covering the January. There is some stuff I’ve done and changed:

  • Google analytics integration: I know some basic behavior of the players
  • Admob advertisement: I get now some money back :slight_smile:
  • Different admob targetting.

I changed my campaign to target only the US - which raised the minimum bid. I get now 200 clicks for 10$ which between 40 to 90 install my app. That depends on the time the ads are shown it seems - when I manually activated it around midnight of European time (so around evening in the US), I get around 80 - 90 installs. If I however let it spend the money automatically (which happens around midnight in the US it seems), I only get these puny 40 installs. At least what the numbers suggest - but my sample is too small to draw real conclusions.

Beyond that, I get a fair return of investment during the first wave of installs: I invested 10$ for advertising which resulted in about 90 installs and a number of impressions, resulting in 1.13$ the first and 0.50$ the second day. Right now I am getting about 0.20$ per day in average from around 250 impressions. My CTR is about 2.2%, which seems reasonably.

From the Analytics part I learned that I lose most of the players in the first level, so I need to make some smaller adjustments to improve it (it’s actually not so much of a surprise, it’s just now backed up with numbers). I still have 20$ left to run my campaign and I plan to spend it when I fixed the initial level issues. I also want to improve the analytics stats tracking so I get a clearer picture of the user behavior. So I have to do a lot but have little time for all that.

Meanwhile, I am getting some support from a few people regarding installs / advertisement (thanks by the way :)), but I still have low download / installation numbers (1081/442 so far) and the install numbers are dropping right now - I am losing about 10 players per day, but it’s slowing down a bit. Or at least I hope so ;).

What I need is to raise my income so far that it covers the advertisement… I think I need about 3 to 5 times more installs to reach that point, but I have to see how to get there. My current plan is also to have a monthly advertisement budget of 50$, so I am willing to invest some money on a regular basis.

Also, I want to get my paid version running again, maybe I can get some small income from that as well. I need to do some cleanups and adjustments to the free version. Basically, I only need some button in the free version that reminds the player to buy the full version that doesn’t have any advertisements or analytics tracking. I think I would place a button in the options menu which disables analytics tracking and if the player wants to disable the tracking, an information thingie pops up saying that this is only possible in the full version. No big deal to implement actually.

Oh, and I’ve been on vacation for one week in Tenerife, that’s why I didn’t answer in detail :wink:

Hi Guys!

Im new on this forum. Im glad that such a forum exists.

This is my first year with Admob, recent months was very good my games have been performing very well. Unfortunately in January 2012 I noticed a drop in revenues from Admob. I found some comments in the internet that it happens at the beginning of the year, and that usually big campaigns start later in the year. I would like to know your opinion.

Best regards!

Here’s my January report. Made 5 bucks so far. Not the world but a start…