Report from StartApp 15/9

Downloads is decreased on 15/9
are you same me?

why you’re unhappy when your downloads increased?

I believe there is some problems with their stats.

maybe he mean “decreased” haha
yeah me too, decreased by 70%, maybe just stat error

it is decreased :smiley:
14/9 is 3000 downloads
15/9 is 1400 downloads

didn’t see notice from StartApp

there’s no notice, just guessing, because everyone have it too

Hi All,

Thank you for bringing this up!

Quick question - Did you update to the new SDK, or are running the old one still?

We’re looking into this issue and will update you soon.


i think the decreased one is from the old, because i havent update all my old apps
only add new

well in my case I have23,765 impressions with ZERO downloads !!

Me too - zero downloads with new SDK