remarks to methods that turn out useful

hi all,

I need to add few words of explanation in the topic which is already closed. For a few weeks I am trying to optimize my application to make better monetisation and ratings, after some research on this forum I put some of mmmkkksss methods into my game and I made instant conclusion it is not working. It turns out I was way too impatient and now I can see some good results. Thanks!


What’s mmmkkksss

that’s user name

WOW, thanks!:wink:

You are supposed to hit the “Thanks” and " Like" the posts buttons dude, the guy is giving you a nice promo;)

m k and s are not close on the keyboard, how you decided upon that username?

well, with the right hands index finger you hit the m, with the annular finger the k and with the left hands index finger the s. It is quite comfortable actually.

I see that you find out my secret:(

I bought mmmkkksss’s book and I can say it’s totally not worth it. I specifically talked to him before I bought the book to explain my situation (what I already know and do) and yet he still recommended it and said he’d give me a partial refund if I wasn’t happy. To cut it short -> low to mediocre quality information in the book, no refund.

Why you didn’t write to me with this? What’s your name on skype? Normally I didn’t sell this ebook for members without 10 posts, so I don’t know why I sold it to you… Please PM me to get this clear