Releasing Paid version of the App?

I just want to know that what are the main reasons one should take into account to release the PAID version of the App ??
My App free version is already available in the GP.


  • I have published my App on GP 25 days back
  • Daily downloads/installs between 2k-3k.
  • Total downloads so far are 24k.
  • Getting mixed of reviews and overall rating is 4.
  • Daily Revenue is between $12-$16
  • Using Banner ads and Exit ad.

Want suggestions:-

  • Few of my App users are asking for Paid version as they hate ads.
  • shall i release the Paid version without ads?
  • will it effect the Free version Downloads count and revenue?

Please advise.

Personally, I would use in app purchasing, so easy for the user and really takes advantage of the impulse purchase reaction

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I think IAP is good because you then maintain only one copy of source code (fixing crashes, adding features, creating apk, uploading and publishing will be 2X with two versions of same code) . Use paid version when you want to add a lot of premium features. For removing ads, paid version is an overkill.
Bonus: When you add IAP for ads, you can increase frequency of ads because users know that they can remove ads by spending some money.

You mean to say just put a button named like “Remove Ads” somewhere, ask user to pay money and convert the same App to ads-free version?

  • Can i convert Free-App to IAP app or i need to take out Free-App from market first and then publish IAP version?

You just need to add billing permission to the manifest.

Appreciate. Probably i need to dig little java code to support IAP Apart from manifest file.
Thanks for giving direction.

How to perform in-app purchase from android app - YouTube

Definitely in app purchases, it was my mistake in my game that I have released paid version instead of adding IAP into free one :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my games paid version does pretty well as a separate paid app (it got high on paid apps lists in its category), so it’s not always better to use IAP.

I would echo javaexp comments - if you are posting on the forum, avoid sending same as direct message - it makes us write things for a specific person, and then have to do management about do I echo it to the public thread also etc. - since we read all new posts using New Posts already …

Here is what I wrote in response to the direct message (not much there - as paid app developers have better advice here):

I doubt selling a paid version will have ANY impact on your free app sales.

This is because on android, generally the number of paid downloads are like 1/100 of the free download numbers from what I have seen. Some exceptional apps may have some features in the paid app that are extraordinary - and they may have a higher rate than 1/100.

So issuing a paid app should not have any negative impact. If anything, it would be additional revenue.

Any free user that you convert to paid is a huge advantage - since most users do not earn that much for you via ads (unless session length is insanely long etc.). Even then those looking for paid apps may not be the types who click on ads and they may be averse to ads and that maybe one reason they want a paid app.

If you cannot sell a paid app because of Google restrictions on developer country etc. … you can remove ads if users earn enough Tapjoy coins etc. - however the conversion on this may not be that great - unless the coins required are very little, to earn $1.00 would require 5 to 10 downloads - which some people may do, but the paying users probably the ones who would not be attracted to that - i.e. the “whales” would like to spend the money because they have a lot of it etc. or are seeking shortcuts in life because of their money.

I have not published a paid app, so I don’t have direct experience - but others on the forum may have been pointers for you.