Relaxing Music Sounds - Android Music Radio

Relaxing music sounds is a radio fm app for all of you who need some anti-stress music. This radio online app has all the meditation music you need!
Welcome to streaming radio that offers relaxing melodies at the time you like, whenever you want!
Available features:

  • Listening radio without headphones
  • Set timer to play radio station and sleep timer so that radio station turns off at specific time
  • Save or share radio stations on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that you could control radio station even when the app is turned off
  • Use widget option to set your favorite radio station as a shortcut on your home screen.
  • Set favorites to create a list of favorite radio channels for quick access
  • Choose ‘more’ button to research other radio stations
  • Set a radio alarm