Hey I just discovered my apps on a store that is called “”. For every app, you get an APK that should download the app you want. Is this site just full of viruses or do they really offer my apps? ._____.

Not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised. If you have a popular app that ever gets banned, you’ll still make some money it. I’m guessing it’s from 3rd party stores that redistribute your APK.

reklamy means “advertisments” which is a strange name for a store. The comapany seems to be advertisement company too…

Thank you both for your answers, I have nothing against redistributing my free apps, but the paid ones should remain my creative property

As I understand “” is an advertising agency and I don’t see any relation to the app store of any kind.

This is their “app store”: Android. ???, ???, ??? ??? ??? (Android) ???.

Well I will send a takedown request this day, thx