Regular income from Live Wallpaper apps ? Possible ?

Hi everyone,

I am currently creating several live wallpapers apps; I’ve already uploaded some on Google Play and for now, I got 2$ this month for 25 apps…

Now, I am aware that it will be difficult to get a regular income from live wallpaper apps since the users will use the app only once…

But do you think it is still possible to reach a goal of 1$ per day, per app ? I use admob, and I didn’t really promote my apps for now (only tried App2Top - for 100 installs - and Facebook promotion a little bit).:confused:

I really don’t know if it is worth it :confused:

what do you think ? should i give up ?

Can I see your app ??
I think I can help you.

Make apps/games that people will want to use… That’s the best advice anyone can give you.

I will DM you

hello, in 2016 it’s very difficult to make money with wallpapers or lwp you must buy 500$ - 1000$ facebook ads + 500$ app review to have success or create unique lwp with rajaweli, i have 4000 install / day with 10 LWP but very very low income, one of my wallpaper are 2 million total install but only 10 dollar a day with 800 install/day :frowning: .
in 2012 - 2013 i published one wallapaper and i had 30k/install per day after 3 week and many dollar with push ADS.

People dont really use LWPS anymore as they drain battery too quick and hard to monetise now. Stick with normal apps. Try Lock Screen apps since u can have an ad everytime someone unlocks screen = lots of daily impressions per user. No the ad does not show out of app because your app is the lock screen so perfectly legal. I have many on play store and no complaints from google at all.

Hi DroidGenie, So you say showing ads while user unlock lockscreen is legal ? Remember Mobario they had an icon like facebook head for serving ads and few years ago i added that on my lock screen app and they banned my popular lock screen app because of it.So i repeat is showing ads after unlock legal ? ie if we unlock lock screen app closes and open phone home screen the only place where you could so ads like you said before so doesn’t it mean showing ads out of app ?

If your App is a LockScreen you have of course to show the Ad on the Lock Screen itself. You can’t show it after the user unlock the screen and open home screen.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: .So i believe @DroidGenie is wrong or am i wrong ? Like you said if app is lock screen it must be shown in lock screen itself and not outside app right? so the only place we could show ads in lock screen is in settings screen only,am i correct ? or can we show ads on top of lock screen ie when user press power button wth internet on on mobile the lock screen shows so does ads is this possible?

Honestly I would put only Native Ads in the Lock Screen page itself. I wouldn’t use Interstitial Ads to show when the user unlock the phone or turns the screen on.

Agree with tacchan, native ads are best used in this scenario and keyboard/chat apps too.

So whether interstitial or native both aren’t supposed to be shown outside or on top of lock screen right ? Can you suggest best monetization technique for lock screen apps? At present i show them only in setting screen and launch screen.Are there any other options to show them ?

Maybe if there were some paid features ?