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Hi everyone ,
I know this question would be simple for you all people outisde India. I am currently living in India, i wanted to open Google merchant account /android publisher account to for no reason, i am getting error. i tried to contact bank they said everything is fine on their side. i also purchase some apps from apple store but for no reason this master debit card is not working in the play store. i also wanted to buy some apps from playstore but nothing is working. i have searchedteason for this but some forums states that google wont accept debit card from India they will accept only credit card. As the site says they are accepting both. but so many people on the other forum are having similar experiences, the one whose get accepted is the one who is having credit card. Now its hard to get credit card in India, i still don’t understand the reason behind this of not working. The thing is when i enter the debit card information on google wallet they saying entering credit card but the card is debit thus its not processed. i also contacted the Google support they told the card should work fine. Please guys if you show some light to this topic that would be help.

Who told you this. Just get a corporate credit card which has no annual fees from HDFC/ICICI

Hi javaexp
I understand your word but to open account in HDFC or ICICI one has to first have 10,000 RS in the bank deposit in order to open the account. As currently i am student so i wont get credit card soon.

haan toh asli baat toh yeh hai? (ok so the real problem is this?)

looks difficult for you. better get a credit card from some your close relative who is working. working people can easily get credit cards at no annual fees.

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If the site says that it accepts both debit card and credit card go with it. In the forums there are many people discussing they face problems so they write it.
Not every bank’s debit/credit card is approved and directly connected to play store for payments.
See the list of banks that are approved for payment on play store.
After that it will not be a problem.