I am going to sign up to 2-3 new ads networks.
I was thinking about Appodeal and Pollfish in particular.
The networks must be totally Google compliant (I have a good business, so I can not risk my account).

Give me some referral codes and make me an offer: i will choose the better and sign up with it :slight_smile:

Try mobile core I get $ 3-6 ecpm use link below. I do not recommend appodeal it was very bad for me.

Well I guess you should go with mobilecore for good ecpm and appodeal to get paid fast.

just read my signature and create more such threads

I recommend you to try mobile core!

Personnally I use Appodeal, gives me 3x much money than admob alone, live support (not 24/24 but helpful), multiple payout methods, nothing to complain about. Link in my signature!

Try StartApp. It’s easy and fast to integrate. They are just created a new SDK 3.0) with video adds.

Try mi signature, you will get 1000$ at start. Just try it, please! They have 999$ ecpm! :rolleyes:

are there networks which provide single sdk for multiple networks something similar to appodeal it helps developers reduce the size of app by keeping the no of jars within limits.