Referral programs - the list

Dear community.

Let’s elaborate what ad networks have referral program so far.

Let’s start the list:
Start App - layers, up to $2,500 per developer
TapContext - terms?
PingJam - terms?

Any others?

I think MobileCore has referral program, but you have to contact them by email

I think Airpush has a referral or affiliate program. A friend of mine who has a app builder platform and has a affiliate partnership with them, but I am not sure on the details and payout.

I once sign up Leadbolt with referral link

There is no point in startapp referals anymore…because our refree will not be making any downloads since its banned by play store now…

Tapcontext is 15% what your referal makes forever. I’ve never even heard of something so generous.

For me tapcontext has the best referral… The worst is Applovin - they didn’t pay me at all, although I invite some friends and they told me that they will pay (their referral is available if you will send e-mail about it to your rep)…

Too bad TapContext is going down the toilet their eCPM is getting really horrible!

I thought startapp said they would keep the PPD business model, if that´s the case i think referrals will keep working

Start App - up to $7,000
TapContext - 15% of revenue
PingJam - you have to contact them directly: [email protected]

The full list is here: List of ad networks with affiliate programs - Making Money With Android Wiki

Do not use Tapcontext! This is SCAM! They don’t pay at all!

P.S. For now the best referral have: Startapp & mobvista (my signature)

Add MobFox in the list

Where did you get that info for StartApp? Its up to $7k.

PingJam aren’t active any more are they?

They still do PPD and half of the referral is for ad impressions…

they used to have one but not anymore.

I use StartApp referral program too. It’s really a great program :cool: