Reduced Admob Revenue Since Arrival Of New Admob.

Hi, Im a developer from Uganda, so as you can Imagine, I have not yet been offered the new admob, though i see links telling me to upgrade only to tell me it’s not yet been rolled out to my country yet.
So anyhow, point is, ever since I started seeing this “new admob” stuff and all, My revenue went down by 50% and has been like so ever since.
Has anyone else from a country not yet supported by the new admob experienced this on his old admob.

Hi friend of Uganda we are also in Russia have not yet switched to the new so do not worry

you are my friend tell me you got a setting so worth it?

I am on the old admob also (new admob not available yet in my location) - and the results are reasonably the same.

You could try playing around with admob mediation - and add “Admob eCPM floor beta” as one of the sources - and set a high eCPM there like $1.00 or higher and see what happens.

I assume when you say admob is paying low, you are normalizing for fluctuating number of impressions - sometimes the revenue is related to the daily users numbers in a non-linear way i.e. on days you have new users, you will tend to get higher click rates and thus higher revenue - or something like that …

I also used old AdMob and upgraded only week ago for the same reason what you mentioned. At start of September my revenue also dropped around 40-50% so in some way I was forced to upgrade (I wasn’t upgrading because google wasn’t supporting wire transfer for my country. Now they do). After upgrade my income jumped back where it was and I even see increase. Now I earn the same and more in euros comparing to dollars in old AdMob.

Oh yah… I was now offered the new admob and i upgraded, my income seems to have tripled… this is Good, just hope most isn’t scrapped off at the end of the month.

So You are saying that changing to new admob without changing any SDK provides more revenue? Don’t see logic or Google promotes using new Admob :slight_smile:

I don’t know what is logical or not, but on old AdMob my eCPM’s dropped almost instantly to 0.02-0.05$ without any reason. Maybe it’s only coincidence, but when I switched to new AdMob my revenue increased. On next day my revenue numbers was same as before, but now in euros which is slightly more than dollars + now I don’t need to convert from dollars which gives also small revenue increase.