Reddit for Android - 100% Native App - Pro Version Free - Beta Testers Needed

reddit for Android

1 The Fastest reddit app ever developed using the official reddit API; reddit for Android, pure 100 % native app.

2 The App designed to consume minimum battery while data transmission.

3 Ad free Version - " Enjoy the premium user experience at no cost "

Play Store Link :

reddit Features are :

[li]New user Registration
[/li][li]Login as User or Visitor
[/li][li]Post Links and Text
[/li][li]Hot, New, Rising & Filters
[/li][li]Offline Browsing of the Reddit Pages, Where you visited already
[/li][li]Up-Vote/Down- Vote Feature
[/li][li]View comments of the posts
[/li][li]Post Comments on the post
[/li][li]View your own posts history
[/li][li]Search and Browse Reddit posts

Upcoming Features are :

[/li][li]Fast Reddit
[/li][li]Floating widget

Any new features needed mail us @ [email protected]

Maximum possible features of reddit website is available in this native android app

This android app developed using official reddit api api documentation

Devloped according to api access rules specified in

The name and logo for this android app designed according to the guidelines specified in licensing -

This app is not made or maintained by reddit and it is developed by permissions and tools provided by reddit in the above links.

The user login , registration,voting information is directly sent and received to the reddit and no user information is received or maintained by the developer or the app

This app complies with Google and reddit policy’s.

Contact developer for support and bugs (will be responded in 24 woking hours time - [email protected])

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