Recommended Ad Network for Indian/Spain/German Traffic Mix?

What ad network would you recommend when

20% of impressions come from Indian users
9% of impressions com from spanish users
8% of impressions come from german users
6% of impressions come from saudi arabian users
3% of impressions come from mexican users?

Looks like you have a big mix of countries, so what you need is a network with a lot of global offers, that is not focused on US and UK (for example).

Appnext is one of those networks, but there are others as well. Ping me in private if you want to work together.

Hello @armando. You can use a network with global coverage. Have a look at Pollfish. Pollfish delivers surveys instead of ads offering minimal intrusion and high payouts. If you need more info just drop me a message.


Hi @armando,

The offers above are good offers. But they are “conditional”. Meaning, if your users performs an “action”, you make money, and if not, well, you don’t.

With Mobario’s solution, for all these geos, you will make $10 per 1000 Installs for the countries you mentioned above and between $50/$100 per 1000 Installs from the USA.

In addition, we are offering for developers with lots of installs a BONUS!!!
–>25,000 installs = $100 Bonus
–>50,000 installs = $250 Bonus
–>100,000 installs = $600 Bonus

Furthermore, you will get round the clock customer support to answer any and all questions!
Payment with Mobario is Net15 (15 days after the end of the month, and minimum payment is $1)

And if you are in the mood to give your users an experience they have never encountered of Multi-Tasking, than Mobario’s solution will not only keep your users 4 times longer in your app, but will enable your users to use other apps/widgets that are on their device already while in your app!!!


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