Recommendations for non-intrusive ad networks?


l’m looking for some new ad networks for my apps. I’m only interested in non-intrusive ad networks (it would be good if they are ‘professional’ too, if you know what I mean) as for me it’s very important to take good care of my users.

Right now I’m using Admob, Appbrain, MoPub and Mmedia and I’m thinking in testing other networks like InMobi, TapJoy (is this one good for non-game apps?), AirPush (only in-app SDK), StartApp and MobileCore (without slider). I will probably drop AdMob from my apps as I had some problems in the past (banned account for no reason).

Any recommendations on this subject? I believe this thread could become useful for other app developers like me who are looking for the same;)

Thanks in advance!

PS: I’m starting this new thread as I’m still having some doubts (and a big headache) after reading lots and lots of threads.

Check out mobiMicro. They show products through a shopping type system and you are paid per product view. Great additional unit to go with banners and interstitials.
mobiMicro - The First “Product” Network | A mobile product advertising network that connects merchants to active mobile shoppers


Seems a good alternative to supplement our ad revenues. Somehow rather, it’s rather upset that mobiMicro does not bother to cover S.E Asia region which is among the world’s fastest growing & stable economies.

You’re absolutely correct WNASH and an area on the globe we definitely want to expand. It does take some time and progress to attain bigger merchants and hope to do it sooner than later of course. We’re a very young company but growing rapidly so we hope our valued publishers stay patient with us as we’ll continue to deliver our best possible product.


I’ll try mobiMicro, thanks for the suggestion!

Today I have been trying some ad networks and these are my conclusions:

  • StartApp: Nice interstitials (specially when showing them at exit) but I didn’t like the banners. I cannot make 3D banners work with mediation (problems with layouts sigh) and with standard banners I get ads about fake virus.
  • AirPush: The in-app SDK looks good so far. What I liked the most is how easy I could implement it and the SDK is pretty well done (ad listeners are a good idea, even on banners!).
  • InMobi: Looks like AdMob so I like it.

Tomorrow… time to try MobileCore, Adbuddiz, mobiMicro and maybe others! (still having doubts with TapJoy and also with Chartboost, no idea if they are good for normal apps).

if u trying out then u can also try my sdk which i have 3 ad types:-
1)floating widget just like a banner
2)link ad
3)dialog ads

Thanks to everyone for replying.

I’m still working on this and I have new results:

  • MobileCore: I’m having a hard time to make it work properly with mediation. I really need a better listener for the interstitials or I’ll have to drop it, despite how much I liked it.
  • AdBuddiz: Looks good so far but… no listener to know when the ad has been cached (and no listener to know if there is no inventary).
  • AppFlood: Hello? Ad listeners? Seriously, what’s wrong with ad listeners? In AppFlood SDK I couldn’t find anything! A BIG reason to drop it. (Ok, I found a delegate I can implement but… I have no clue what to do with it)
  • AppNext: Didn’t try it yet. Looks good for me.
  • AppLovin: Same as AppNext.

Note to all SDK developers: Please, implement proper ad listeners. They are extremely important to be able to show interstitials when appropiate and for mediation.

Try Startapp Exit Ad. I have up to $3 Epcm.
Good luck.

I have had excellent results with appbrain exit ads as well as admob banner ads

Hey, about mobileCore , how much is the revenue they will produce for abt ~50K impressions. Do you’ve tried them or any idea abt them? Thanks.

Maybe I can respond to that in a few days/weeks.


You are more than welcome to try appnext. Our new SDK just went out with a unique interstitial, and eCPMs are simply amazing. But, having said that - there are other good services here as well. I can elaborate more as to why our interstitial is so special in a private email (let’s not spam this thread with too much self promotion). However, whichever you choose, think carefully about your audience. You need not only high quality ad units, but also enough offers in the countries your users come from. Keep that in mind.

Too late… Already tried it and I’m keeping it :wink:

Hi Waninkoko,

My name is Clara I’m one of the account managers at AdBuddiz.

We do have a function to know upfront if there is inventory. (“isReadyToShowAd”)

And we do have a listener when you call showAd() and we don’t have inventory.
I would be more than happy to explain to you in more detail in a private message if you want to :wink:

We’ve also got listeners for shows, clicks and hides.

We don’t have a listener to know if an ad has been cached; but I’ve shown your post to our tech team so we can work this into our roadmap. Can you maybe explain to me in more detail (in pm as well) why and how this feature would be helpful?

If you want to reach me via email, you can contact me at any time on: [email protected]


Hello @Waninkoko, maybe you should try Pollfish. Pollfish is a new innovative monetization method that delivers surveys through mobile apps. It provides minimal intrusion to the users since it shows up as an overlay in the apps as a small rectangle. Users respond to surveys in order to get real gifts which ends up to happy users too! Therefore, I believe Pollfish can be a real foo alternative to ad networks especially in terms of intrusion and high payouts.