Recommendation - $0.1 incentivized CPI downloads in the world from EU/NA

I would like to recommend to you Keyapp.Top, a cheap way to boost keyword ranking on Google Play for your Apps or games. It is a cheap cost-per-install service provider which provides an incentivized keyword install from USA at $0.09 per install. It can deliver up to 10,000 installs per day. provides keyword installs, i.e. users will enter a keyword on Google Play and find your app and download it in exchange for money, rather than downloading the Apps through direct links like other typical CPI providers. The advantage of this method is that it has great effect on boosting your app’s keyword ranking.

As an experiment, I had spent $50 on to purchase about 325 keyword installs, split over 6 days. as a result of my little campaign, my app’s keyword ranking jumped from around 35 to around 25 at the end of the campaign, and it is around 18-20 now!

The advantage of is that it provides an effective way to boost your app’s keyword ranking, and the users delivered are real (given I received activities from the users).

The disadvantage of it is that the app needs to be ranked in top 250 on Google Play in a particular keyword before u can use their service.

Click here to Enter KeyApp.Top

Yet all of your 5 posts on this forum is just about recommending their service.
You really must enjoy their services a lot!:rolleyes:

yes I do

referral bonus is also a factor :wink:

any genuine reviews of this service?

mine is genuine

Do you have facebook/whatsapp or something? Send me a private message, i’m interested.

It’s capacity is up to 14000 downloads per day now.

It can deliver 4000 UK installs and 1000 Australian installs daily now.

it can deliver 8000 UK installs and 800 France installs in a day now, an easy bump to Top New Free 25 in both countries :slight_smile:

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I haven’t met any better app install boosters than ASO and social media promotion

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My personal choice is Apprank PRO. They provide 100 % genuine app installs and keyword installs with screenshots . I got excellent results from them . Would recommended to others .

If you finally got to 70 000+ DAU, try user data monetization with Appgrow, in addition to in-app ads. Best of luck with your app installs!

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