Recommend rental facebook and google account

My name is Hùng working in South VTM - Group, the company specializes in Online Marketing on Google and Facebook social network in Vietnam.
Rent Facebook account for Advertising
Facebook Advertising is more popular in the world and bring to businessman a lot of benefits.
You want to increase your revenue, but your Google account is limited.
Your Advertising account can not spend a lot of money.
Your account do not have high level covering.
Whether you have trouble with your account and need supporting?
If you do not know who can contact and how?

You are needing an reliable account to run Facebook Advertising.
VTM Group is 1 of 3 big agency of Google in Viet Nam.
Our account can deal with all above problems for you.
Let contact with us to have good information.
Support: 24/24 - Careful and enthusiasm
Contact: Skype: congthanh0001
Cellphone: +84 934 268 111
Mail: [email protected]
Facebook :
Partner google :Tìm ??i tác Cao C?p Cho SME ?? giúp phát tri?n doanh nghi?p c?a b?n ? AdWords ??i tác cao c?p cho SME ? Google

I have contacted and tried this service. I was satisfied with the cost and effect