Rebranding company logo... vote on design!

I need help choosing a winning designs on 99designs.

Please take a look and vote:

Gave my votes and comments.

The one I thought looked the best is currently in last place :stuck_out_tongue:

done :slight_smile: seems that I confirm with other voters :slight_smile:

Done. The one I went for looks to be currently in 1st place :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. That one was my favorite anyway… btw, you would be horrified if you knew what my impression count was today. It is so high, I am scared to mentioning it.

I voted also. BTW I thought your original company logo was pretty good :wink:

Voted, and left some feedback in the comments :slight_smile:

Voted & commented. Looks like I’m joining the “backing the underdog” crowd!

Voted :slight_smile: And also really cool site I had not heard of 99designs, Thanks

Thanks for sharing such kind of lovely source which provide the designs of some awesome logos.
The main think in a logo is that it represent the whole firm so it should be so attractive and sometimes it contain some unique things.