Reasonable marketing budget for promoting game.

Last 2.5 months I spent developing my game trying to make it as high quality as possible. I let few people test it and it turns out that it is indeed a good game.
Therefore I would like to promote it since I believe it has a potential of becoming successful app. I am single person developer. What is a reasonable marketing budget to promote my game to get good amount of organic users? Also what paid promotion do you recommend?

Starting your game marketing early is vital for success. A simple rule of thumb is to spend an equal amount of time marketing your game as you spent developing it. Commit to facilitating 50% of the marketing campaign before launch, and 50% after launch. For example, if you are planning to spend six months developing a game, start marketing it three months before its release, and continue marketing it for at least three months after.

The list below highlights the key steps involved and this article covers each task in more detail in the sections below. Plan on starting each of these items 6-12 weeks before the game’s launch date:

1- Create, engage, and manage a community with social media networks
2- Prepare a PR campaign
3- Launch your game in Canada
4- Set up cross-promotion deals
5- Spend some money on advertising