Real Problem with a Google Play Private DATA!

Hi guys,

just a moment ago I had a real shock - I found my private DATA - Names on this website under the Description of the App
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The only one that have this data is Google Play Store!
I was checking google for one of my Apps - howmany sites and so on… and on the NewApks | New Android Apps And Games Everyday MY REAL NAMES!!!
Not the DEVELOPER name that I use in Play Store but my private NAMES!! WTF?!
Somebody else? Just search for some of your apps in the site or use google search to check for you name!
Is this a Google Play breach or what?! I use only one email to access my account and was created only for Play Store.

Ok I did submit in Opera Store too and they use some standard to share data between the stores - can be that the leak?

F*ck… it is not OPERA Store … the App that I found is only on Google Play
Found My name in records from 2014

OK I just checked the apk - no private data found in it - decompile and search

found the SOURCE…
the Digital Signature Contains the Private Data
Some Websites get the data from the Signature!
Why and how is another question…

It’s the certificate like you said :slight_smile:
You can obtain all information that you inserted when creating your signing certificate.
Aptoide does the same thing.