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Re uploading apps from my banned account

so my account got banned

before the banned, there’s a 5 apps suspended, and the other is SAFE maybe? because it passed the google almighty suspension

so i’m planning to reupload the safe apps to my new developer account.
ofcourse i change all data and naming there such as packaging name, keystore, and apps name.
and i’ll trying to stay low and nice with this new account

my question is,
should i upload ALL my remaining apps to google within 1 day??
or should i just upload it little by little?

is it true, developer that upload bunch of apps on their first day is suspicious and will get review faster??
or how it works?

Doesn’t matter uploading apps from banned account is stright way to get “legal” account connected with the banned one and get another ban. As Google said on last I/O they are checking apks deep. I suppose deep means decompilation :slight_smile: As they said - they are running applications in test environment and checking used APIs, SDK’s, internet connections etc. Those data are for sure used to recognize re-submitted applications.

You should try to change the app completely before upload it again ,
but you will never be too safe , at any moment you are at the risk of connecting the 2 accounts
there is no clear info about how Google can link accounts so take extreme caution and go one by one

I think you should make a third account just to go sure, if these apps are worth $50