[Rating & Review Exchange] Amoeba Flop Hopping Blob

[Rating, G+1 & Review Exchange] Amoeba Flop Hopping Blob

Please leave your app link, review name & details below. I’ll reciprocate ASAP.

Done 5Stars with G1+ With This name :: Sayed J ::

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I gave 5 stars , G+ and reviewed by “Bae Paul”.
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5*, g+1 and reviewed “Great phone app Luv it” (Norma Faraday)

Done. Rated 5*, g+1 & reviewed “Simple game But lots of fun” (Norma Faraday).

Done. Rated 5*, g+1 & reviewed “Fun birds game Cool graphics” (Norma Faraday).

5 stars review and G+ share to your app from Arian Nace.


Done ! :slight_smile:
I’ve posted 5 star rate, review & G+ :slight_smile:
Very good game :slight_smile: Congrats :slight_smile:

by “Megagamer fann”

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Rated Jumpy World 5*, g+1 & reviewed “Fun cool game Enjoyed” (Norma Faraday)

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I rated 5* g+ andd commented as miro straka
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thanks and good luck:)

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“Luv this Pong game Very nice”, 5*, g+1 by Norma Faraday

“Amazing graphic designer app Very nice”, 5*, g+1 by Norma Faraday

Spider Solitaire:
“Luv spider solitaire Nice card game”, 5*,g+1 by Norma Faraday

Snake Game
“Simple game Lots of fun”, 5*, g+1, by Norma Faraday

Hi, I just left this review for your game: “Simple but addictive game!”

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Already reviewed on July 8:
“Fun and challenging game” (by Norma Faraday)