Rate my App

please delete this thread

I installed the game and gave you g+, 5stars and positive review as Mateusz Gaweł. Please do the same for my app.


I just G+ and rated 5* Under : "Ngoc Tho . Please review my game :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coloring.game.superhero

I will do, sorry for my late answer. But I will do.

Hi Mateusz,

I just installed your game and gave you G+, 5stars and review as NovaCreo. Would you please rate for my game?


it’s not my thread but thanks. I’ve done the same for your app. It’s really great, best for a long time on this forum. You’ve done it alone?

Thanks for rating. I did it with 3 art staff.