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Groovy Bird


Groovy Bird is all about thrilling and action packed flying adventure of bird to cross hurdles and collect coins. Its addictive and fun play game.
Your bird is cool, excellent, fashionable and amazing. You have to help your bird to learn how to fly as its first flight out of nest. Tap and help out your bird.
Game Features:

  • Simple one touch control to keep your bird flying, the more you tap, it goes higher
  • Challenging & Fun play to collect coins and cross hurdles
  • Simplistic graphics but yet detailed and defined
    How to Play:
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher and avoid obstacles
  • Collect coins
  • Buy In-App purchases to boost up your bird life
    Coming up in new versions:
  • Bird in different colors and plus rainbow color bird
  • All new sets of environments to make game more exciting and addictive
  • All new props that you can buy to give to bird to collect more coins


Bouncy Game, Tap Games, Bird Games

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